Yanhua Mini ACDP and Xhorse VVDI2 BMW, which is better?

Is the new Yanhua mini ACDP programming tool better than Xhorse VVDI2 BMW? If i want a tool for BMW. The cheap ACDP can works as well as VVDI2?

Tech support from obdii365.comYanhua Mini ACDP BMW vs. Xhorse VVDI2 BMW
ProductYanhua mini ACDP BMWXhorse VVDI2 BMW
FeaturesHas no issues in BMW CAS and FEM/BDCWorks perfect in VAG and BMW Immo
Operating SystemPC/Mobile Phone (iOS/Android)PC
DiagnosticNoVVDI2 work for VAG diagnostic only , not BMW
Key ProgrammingCAS: YES!
Yanhua ACDP cannot work with ESW modules

Odometer CorrectionYesYes
Module ProgrammingYesYes
Data BackupYesYes
Soldering/welding CAS/FEM/BDCNo solderingYes
Host PriceUS$249US$1,129
BMW CAS1-4 authorization
CAS1-CAS4+ authorization: US$359CAS-1-CAS4, EWS in deafult
CAS4+ authorization: US$235
FEM/BDC authorization priceUS$415With Condor: US$600
Without Condor: US$1,000
Note that “Module Programming” here doesn’t refer to read ECU data and write data to the new ECU. You can read “Module Programming” as FEM/BDC odometer correction & module repair, DME read/write ISN codes, M35XX programming, CAS2 OBD mode, CAS3/CAS3+ module OBD mode, CAS4/CAS4+ (Mask 1L15Y, 5M45H/1N35H)

For BMW auto repair shops,
Xhorse VVDI2 is the best investment. You should have VVDI2 BMW basic together with CAS4+ authorization and FEM/BDC authorization. Then you can do all on BMW cars.
In detail…
VVDI2 and VVDI Prog Program BMW BDC system All keys lost

For BMW owners (for personal use),
Yanhua mini ACDP is cost-effective. You can have a Yanhua ACDP for CAS or ACDP for FEM/BDC, depending on your car. Also, you can have the one combined with CAS and FEM/BDC. Anyway, you’ll save a lot if you have ACDP for personal use.
In detail…

Yanhua Mini ACDP adds BMW FEM key without soldering


Tango Key Programm Write VAG CS 7th Byte Guide

Find out and write VAG 7th Byte CS requires Tango software version 1.112 or above.  Tango key programmer software updated to V1.112 on May 9th, 2018.

Tango transponder programmer software added (online update)
1-Added new transponder MEGAMOS AES
2-Toyota key maker: new menu item AUTODETECT
3-Key maker Kia Sportage 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
4-Key maker Hyundai Sorento 2008- (MPC5xx,HITAG)
5-Key maker Renault Fluence III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
6-Key maker Renault Megane III 2012- (NEC850,HITAG)*
7-Fixed some bugs, incl. PCF7930-35 recognition

How to find VAG CS 7th Byte in Tango?

requires Tango software version 1.112

Component Security in keys of the Megamos48 type
The modern immobilizers of the VAG-group vehicles have such conception as “Component
Security” (CS). The CS is an array of 7 bytes length. Its role in a vehicle is to forbid a mixing of
electronic units from different cars. In terms of the immobilizer the CS is a “password” that used
in couple of the Motor Unit (ECU) and the immobilizer.
The protection scheme includes 3 components that share the CS, they are:
The protection scheme allows the engine to start only in case when the CS is identical in all the
three components.
Key and CS
The CS is a part of the Crypto Key and fills its upper area Word9-Word6.

In common practice it is possible to get the first 6 bytes of CS. The last, 7th byte is unknown.
There are many ways how to find out the 7th byte. One of them is to pull out it from an existing
key. Thus, to use this tool, it is needed to have at least one valid key.
1. Running of the “Search Component Tool”
Click the appropriate button in the MEGAMOS-48 mode as shown on the picture:
2. In the new window:
Type the 6 bytes of CS that are known
Select Brand
Select method
At this example the CS assumed as A8CE3566AEBC and a car is Seat.
3. Now all is ready to start searching.
Put the valid existing key into the programmer coil.
Click the “Start Searching” button:
During operation the 7th Byte value will change sequently from 0x00 to 0xFF. When the value is
valid, the process will be stopped. Operation takes up to 1 min of time.

How to Write CS 7 Bytes with Tango?

Key and CS
The CS is a part of the Crypto Key and fills its upper area Word9-Word6.
ECU and CS
ECU uses the CS as a password. More modern ECUs contain only 6 bytes of the CS. In this case
the CS should be extracted from another devices, for example it may be a dashboard.
The vehicle dashboard usually has a role of an immobilizer. The IMMO always contains all the 7
bytes of the CS.

The tool “Write Component Security 7 Bytes” (Megamos 48 window) helps you to put the CS
manually into a transponder. Let’s see an example of ECU BOSCH Motronic M7.
The CS has been marked in the blue color.
To write the CS, invoke the tool and type the CS in the window:

Select the vehicle brand and press the Write button. Temporary the Seat brand is unavailable.


Yanhua Mini ACDP Adds BMW FEM key without soldering

How to: add a BMW FEM/BDC smart key with Yanhua Mini ACDP BMW key programmer without soldering/welding.

Download Yanhua Mini ACDP app on your mobile phone/PC
Support iOS Phone/iOS PC/Android phone (Qualcomm chipset mobile phones)/PC
Here’s the Android App QR code to download application directly.
iOS App QR code is not yet released (coming soon).

Main Steps:
Step 1: Make connection
Step 2: Back up data
Step 3: Add key

Step 1: Connect Yanhua ACDP with FEM/BDC module no soldering

Remove FEM module
Connect FEM with Yanhua Mini ACDP & FEM module adapter follow by video guide (very detail)
Make a good connection

Step 2: Backup Data

Pair Yanhua Mini ACDP with mobile phone via Bluetooth
Select BMW Programmer->FEM/BDC-> Mode 1: Add key (with a working key)->FEM/BDC preconditioning ->ICP automatic
(Note: If you lost all keys, select Mode 2: all keys lost)
The emergency starting induction antenna indicator turns on if connection is built.
Shows FEM/BDC device information
Check FEM/BDC version information
If ACDP prompts: Bad connection with 95128/95256 pin. Please check whether the chip soldering is correct.
If conform no problem, press OK to continue
Reading coding info.
Back up coding data
Reading device info
Backup 95256 eeprom data to :/Documents/YHDocuments/ATmatch/bmw/FEM_BDC/
Backup Calc. bin file
Downloading file data
Writing into memory
Preprocessing the FEM/BDC. The whole process takes about 15-30 minutes. Wait until it access to 100%
Writing data into memory
Backup the written log data
Data backup succeed.

Step 3: Add FEM key

Go to FEM/BDC function menu, select Program Key
Make sure you have a working key, new key and data backup
Put the working key close to the emergency starting induction antenna.
Turn on ignition but not start engine.
Yanhua Mini BMW tool read key info., key ID, ISN code etc
Select key position to learn key , i.e key #10, press LEARN button
Put the new key close to the emergency starting induction antenna.
Learn key in progress
Program ignition key success.
Test the new key.


Free Download Visfed 0.3.1 and 0.2.1 for Volvo ECU Reprogramming

Free download Volvo Intermediate Storage File Encryptor/Decryptor (Editor) 0.3.1 or Visfed 0.2.1 software and learn how to use Visfed for Volvo, Renault, Mack trucks ECU reprogramming.

Something I put together with the help of fellows in mhhauto.com.

Free download Visfed 0.2.1 visfed 0.3.1: unknown risk
visfed 0.3.1.rar
visfeed + keygen
VISFED 0.2.1.rar
Download Visfed for truck ECU reprogramming: with relief
It includes Volvo Premium Tech Tool, Dev2tool, Visfed – all tested without any issue and confirmed to work perfect!
What is VISFED:
VISFED stands for Volvo Intermediate Storage File Encryptor/Decryptor (Editor)
Volvo ISFile ED – is a special software tool todecrypt, edit, encrypt ECU reload (also called intermediate storage) files for Volvo, Renault, Mack trucks. Tool is made to make all file rebuilding processes simple and easy as possible. It also allows to view ECU file and other information of part and sub part numbers, parameters, PID, PPID, SID, PSID,FMI. Checksum calculation possible of Intel HEX line and whole CSW file.

Language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, German, Denish, Polish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Turkish, Hungarian, Korean
OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7,Windows 8, Windows 10

Volvo Tech Tool vs. Dev2tool vs. Visfed:
Volvo PTT Premium tech tool: for diagnosis
dev2tool: for programming
Visfeed: for reprogramming
In detail…

Whats new in visfed 0.3.1:
-Adding language
-ECU reload with original software
-Remove SCR and increase HP on: Volvo trucks (D9B,D11C, D13A, D13B, D13C, D16C, D16Eengines)
-Remove SCR and increase HP on: Renault trucks (D11A,D11B, D11C, DXi13A engines).
License for 1 PC
Visfed 0.2.1 user manual:

Import original Techtool file into visfed using TMP file button

Put orignal client id and dealer id in boxes

Press Decrypt

CHANGE ON VISFED CLIENT ID AND DEALER ID to the client id and dealer id of your PC AND TIME/DATE to (2018 01 01)  TOUCH CLICK ON ENCRYPT

Open file with XML and check all is correct and save

Open intersto, mdb file with Intersto Editor. Change dealer Id Client Id and User Id to whats on your own Pc and save

Install files to folder and program with Premium Tech Tool

Hope this helps for members.