BMW F-series key enable and disable with CGDI Prog

How to: Enable/Disable BMW F-series key using CGDI Prog BMW key programmer.

1. CGDI BMW enables F-series key

Select BMW Enable Key

Display key information

Select key position to be enabled

Enable the key

Put the key vertically in the key induction area of the direction column

Enable the key successfully, the re-enabled remote key may not immediately take effect on the vehicle, in this case through the manual key to open the vehicle, if necessary, through the emergency start function start the vehicle. To do this, keep the master key in the mark position and manipulate the start/stop button according to the instructions. Then the ignition key should be properly functioning again.

2. CGDI BMW disables F-series key

Select BMW Disable Key

Display key information

Select key position to be disabled

Disable the key

Disable key success

Inline 6 Cummins Software, Driver, Engine, Pinout - All Details

Cummins Inline 6 data link:
The INLINE 6 is a highly reliable data link adapter that can be used on a wide range of applications to communicate with vehicle systems via SAE J1708/J1587 and SAE J1939 protocols. Please note that the INLINE 6 is designed to be used with RP1210 compliant software.

Cummins Inline 6 for sale:

Cummins Inline 6 price:
219 usd (27% off)

Cummins Inline 6 software download:
Cummins Inline 6 driver:
How to Install the INLINE 6 software driver:
  • Insert the INLINE 6 driver CD into your computer’s CD-ROM drive.
  • Run INLINE6_Driver_Setup.exe
  • If a Windows Explorer folder opens, select INLINE6_Driver_Setup.exe
Note that on some systems the autorun settings may be set to have the installation
to just begin executing upon CD insertion.
o WINDOWS XP – A message appear stating “The software you are installing has
not passed Windows Logo…” Click on”Continue Anyway”. Click on”Finish” when
installation is complete.

Cummins Inline 6 reflash:
Download the appropriate INLINE 6 zip file by clicking on a link above (note that unless you have a 64-bit Operating System, you should use the 32-bit file).

Unzip and extract the executable file using zip/unzip software.
Click on the Windows Start menu and click Run.
Click on the Browse button and locate the file you have downloaded.
Click the OK button to install the latest INLINE 6 Driver, reflash utility, and firmware on your PC.
Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
Connect +8 V to +50 V power to your INLINE 6 adapter through the DB25 cable you have.
Use your DB9F to DB9M serial cable or USB cable to connect the INLINE 6 adapter to the proper PC communication port.
Follow the Driver Installation and other instructions

Cummins has introduced a new data link adapter that is fully compliant with TMC’s RP1210 standard, and has been designed and environmentally tested to Cummins standards to be rugged and reliable.

Cummins Inline6 diesel engine:
Cummins has become the innovator and technology leader in data link adapters and service tools for diesel engines.
Cummins Inline 6 running with Insite 7.62 works perfect for diesel engines.

Cummins Inline 6 compatibility:

INLINE 5 and 6 is compatible with both PowerSpec and Insite.

PowerSpec versions of 4.2 and later support the RP1210 protocol and are thus compatible with the INLINE 6 and INLINE 5 adapters. See the chart below for an example of the basic connections needed to hook-up to the vehicle data link.

INSITE versions of 7.5 and later are compatible with the INLINE 6 and INLINE 5. Note that INSITE versions earlier than this are not fully RP1210B compliant and may not work with these adapters. See the chart below for an example of the basic connections needed to hook-up to the vehicle data link.
Cummins Inline 6 pinout:
Cummins Inline 6 is capable of autodetecting between CAN
(SAE J1939, SAE J2534 & ISO 15765/UDS) data rates of 250 kB or 500 kB.
Connections are simple with a standard USB interface that provides power to the unit.
A dual CAN channel allows connection to multiple Electronic Control Modules on the same vehicle for increased productivity and support.

Note that you cannot use inline 5 cable for inline 6 adapter …. because inline 6 cable has 2 additional pins
CAN2 High (+) H – 13
CAN2 Low (-) J – 17

Cummins Inline 6 data link adapter user manual:



How to Program FIAT DUCATO 2008 all keys lost

How to: program FIAT DUCATO year 2008 all keys lost

Key cut by CONDOR XC-MINI . Cut by Bitting . SIP22 & CUT . SUCCESS
Read data from BSI Eprom 95160 by Orange 5
Programming by Xhorse VVDI2
VVDI2 Quick Start->Transponder programmer ->Immobilizer Data Tool
Select Euro->Fiat->Ducato->2006-95160 .
Require transponder megamos48 .
Load EEPROM dump read by Orange5.
Select Make dealer key.
Prepare dealer key success. It can start engine after write back new dump file .

Credit to Alam Al Mafateh from Libya.




Which ECU tuning tool to read and write Volvo V70 EDC15C11?

Here are optional solutions of Volvo V70 EDC15C11 ECU read and write using different ECU programmers, incl. Kess V2, Ktag, MPPS cable, FgTech Galletto 4 V54.

Car: Volvo V70 D5 2004 163hp
Ecu: I think the car has either a EDC15C2 or EDC15C11 ecu. (K-suite states EDC15C2)

Option 1: You can use Fgtech Galletto V54

Rread/write work only in bootmode at this car.
volvo s60 D5 163 hp euro 3 with edc 15c11.

Option 2: Ktag can do it
You can use me 7 boot edc15 ecu
I’ve done it with many volvo edc15c11 with kess pinned from obd to Ecu and ground pin 24!

Option 3: Kess v2 makes it

Some Volvo EDC15C11 just refuses to be read with a ktag tool. KessV2 bootmode always solved me this problem – wake up error
Reasons were that my power supply was playing up so used an old atx computer supply.
I’ve managed to do it by a kess v2 as well
For those wanting to read/write and ecu containing the AM29F400, AM29F800 chip with kess v2 just follow theses steps.
Connect ecu to the appropriate pins.
Put it into boot mode by grounding pin 24.
Open ksuite and in protocol menu select boot St… Once in there select Bosch MED 7 29F400. The protocol 114 and is the same for for 29f800 as well.
Just proceed to read and write as normal.
But beware the ksuite doesn’t do checksum this way so be sure to check your files.
Hopefully this can help a few ppl

Btw, you can write this with kess. never used ktag but should be the same tbh
never used i/0 terminal.

Option 4: MPPS cable works good via boot mode

Is the ECU going into “Boot mode”? if its not going into boot mode then you have no other option but to remove the eeprom and put into an external programmer. TBH its not that bad.
Have you got MPPS? Mpps is by far the best for boot mode and recovery and will do all 29f*** series under “EDC15 generic mode” but you must be able to get ecu into boot mode.
Another important note:
To tune the EDC15c11 you only need the 512kb file!!!! Also going through generic mode on mpps, kess, ktag with edc15c11 you must make sure cheksums are done as the software will not correct them!”

Have fun!

JMD Handy Baby V9.0.0 adds 8C Chip Copy

JMD Handy baby key copy machine software released to V9.0.0 on April, 4th, 2018.

Handy Baby v9.0.0 update feature:
1.Show Epica(4D60) master key match code after identification.
2.Increase unlock toyota smart key function.
3.Increase copy Honda 47 by king chipII.
4.Increase generate blank 47(just support king chipII)
5.Increase read/write hitag AES/PRO.
6.Distinguish 8A master key,support write or lock P4/P5/P6/P8/P10.
7.Increase unlock hitag vag(just support 754C and 754J of handy baby)
8.Decode 48 chip online, except MQB system.
Main update:
1st: 8C copy by JMD handy baby use TK5561A chip! so easy and so quickly! use TK5561A blank chip !!
2nd: Support all key lost VW car by JMD assistant! (not including MQB ,
smart key ……) need extra payment each time!! just use assistant online !
Free Download  JMD4.1.8 update tool to update Handy baby to V9.0.0 
Download JMD Handy baby client V4.1.8 and USB driver, install and run an upgrade 
JMD Handy baby copy 8C using TK5561A blank chip


Waldoch Mustang 2016 Airbag GR3T-14B321-AA Reset by CG100

Vehicle: Ford Waldoch Mustang

Airbag module:GR3T-14B321-AA

Chip type:XC2361A-72F

Symptom: SRS indicator turns on & code scanner read airbag code 

Device to reset: CG100 Prog III Airbag Restore Device

How to reset airbag:

Remove airbag control module GR3T-14B321-AA and find IC XC2361A-72F

Turn on CG100 software

Select CG100-III->Airbag Reset->Ford->go to Next Page->select GR3T-14B321-AA

CG100 will show you wiring connection
Follow diragram to connect airbag module with CG100 BDM4 adapter

Click on Read data and save it

Send the airbag data to CG100 engineer, they will repair the data and send it back to you

Open the fixed airbag data and Write back to SRS module

Write success.

Install airbag module back to car.

Read DTC with code scanner again

No fault code stored

Airbag indicator goes off.

Waldoch Mustang airbag reset success.



CG100 Repair Ford F150 Airbag DL34-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F

How to: repair Ford F-150 airbag control module DL34-14B321-AC XC2361B-40F using CG100 Prog III airbag reset tool.


Airbag indicator is on


Remove airbag module and locate IC



Open CG100 software

Select CG100-III->Airbag Reset->Ford->DL34-14B321-AC->CPU type XC2361B-40F




Follow the wiring diagram to connect CG100 programmer with airbag module


Click on Read to read airbag data and save it


Send the airbag data to CG100 engineer to repair. They will send you back the fixed airbag data.

Open the repaired data and click on Write

Write data success



Ford F150 airbag reset successfully

Airbag light goes off.