Autel TMPS Diagnostic & Service Tool TS601 vs. MS906TS

The purpose of the TPMS in vehicles is to warn drivers that at least one or more tires are significantly under-inflated, possibly creating unsafe driving conditions.
In low tire pressure condition, The TPMS indicator is a yellow symbol like this:
Why TPMS becomes so important in the world?
Even now, a substantial number of vehicles hit the road each day with underinflated tires. However, proper tire maintenance with the aid of a TPMS can and does help prevent many serious accidents.

Then, in response to a surge in accidents due to underinflated tires, the US government passed the Transportation Recall Enhancement, Accountability, and Documentation (TREAD) Act. One of the outcomes of this legislation is that vehicles sold in the United States since 2007 must include TMPS of some kind.

Below are most powerful TPMS Diagnostic and Service Tools in today’s market.
First TPMS tool is Autel MaxiTPMS TS601
It can fully diagnose TPMS problem, activate TPMS sensors and reprogramming the vehicle’s ECU. By working with 433MHz/315MHz MX-Sensor, this combination can solve all TPMS problems.

Second TPMS tool is newest Autel MaxiSys MS906TS
The MS906TS has an all-in-one exceptional OE-Level functionality from OBDII diagnostics, ECU coding to complete TPMS service. With this, Now technicians don’t need a second TPMS tool to trigger, relearn, or program MX-Sensor. Quickly test all vehicle systems by touching 8.0” screen tablet of the MS906TS.

What’s the difference between them?
CompairsionAutel MaxiTPMS TS601Autel MaxiSys MS906TS
TPMS Function
Activate TPMS sensorsYESYES
Read sensor dataYESYES
Program new MX-sensorYESYES
Scan OE sensor ID and copy OE ID into MX-sensorYESYES
Manual input OE ID into MX-sensorYESYES
TPMS status, one page for all the informationYESYES
program sensor by OBD functionYESYES
Relearn by OBD functionYESYES
Relearn procedure guide on the toolYESYES
Advanced function
Read TPMS ECU informationYESYES
Read TPMS live dataYESYES
Reset engine lightYESYES
Display I/M readiness statusYESYES
On-Screen code definitionsYESYES
Show OBDII live data graphingYESYES
Advanced diagnostic functionYESYES
Tool features
Built-in rechargeable li-ion batteryYESYES
Strong housing with protective rubber bootYESYES
Print TPMS sensor data via PCYESYES
Internet updatableSD cardWIFI
Multilingual supportYESYES
Historical test recordsYESYES
Software UpdateFree1 year free

Other difference is their configuration, MS906TS is Andriod based tablet diagnostic and TPMS Service tool with Samsung Exynos T5260 6-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM & 32 GB ROM which means MS906TS will run much faster than other similar tools.
Apart from this, MS906TS is Wireless TPMS & Advanced Diagnostics tool.
Enhanced wireless connectivity between the display tablet and VCI device allows greater mobility and ease at work. This also help you troubleshooting by professional technicans.

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