Diagnose Ford via WiFi ELM327 and DashCommand

I went ahead and purchased Dashcommand App for my iPhone and a WIFI ELM327 OBD2 code reader for my Ford F-350 2002 OBD2 port. I have been impressed and really like it.

I also purchased OBD Fusion and didn't like it at all. Anyways back to dashcommand: I purchased the extended parameters for my 2002. That made the whole difference. With the parameters that comes with dashcommand wasn't very handy for the diesel. My dads 2001 V10 worked great. So I'm in this $10 for the app $10 for the extended parameters and $11.99 for a WIFI ELM327 obd2 scanner. Way cheaper than all the gauges I can do with this. Here is what my gauges look like:

At idle:


I watch the EOT with the boost as a digital spot, TFT, ICP with the volts in the digital spot. I didn't have any trouble getting it all set up. Took me a bit to get everything figured out....well so far. I haven't had it for too long. Here is how I set it all up:
Set up your vehicle first


Then go to advanced settings for a few more things to input. I don't know all of these so I didn't fill them in. The MAF-Lambda PID info is only if you have an external sensor hooked up. That is why they are blank. Please feel free to correct anything you know of



Now here is the important part pertaining to the powerstroke. In the advanced OBDII settings you need to change the response timeout to 1000 milliseconds and disable the $09 support. Like this:


When I set up my gauges there are a lot of options listed, I only used the ones that said FORD._____. I found this actually made it work. You have the ability to choose the different styles of gauges, limits, and warnings. I have since changed my ICP to be much higher that I previously had it. Here is what my ELM327 OBDII adapter looks like:


Here is where I have my phone. Sorry it wouldn't let me rotate the picture:


So far I've been really impressed. I did turn off the GPS for the app, I didn't think I needed it. Plus it helps the battery life. I really don't use the dashboard, it seamed like too much information to me. I did download a few that people have custom made for a 7.3 and 6.0. You can make your own dashboard, but I haven't done that yet. I don't think I will, I just want it for the few gauges I've already made. This is my first write up. I hope it all makes sense. I have an iPhone 5c if you are wondering.
How the PID's look to choose from:


You can see the FORD.ENGINE.ICP. That is what I'm talking about when I say I choose the ones that say FORD._____

Here are the PID that are for Ford the FORD._____ ones.
intake manifold runner control command open
Mass air flow sensor voltage
Manifold absolute pressure - filtered
Manifold gauge pressure
Waste gate control duty cycle
Barometric pressure
Barometric pressure, filtered
Fuel level input sensor
Injection control pressure, filtered
Long term fuel trim, bank 1 & 2
Short term fuel trim, bank 1 & 2
Exhaust back pressure, filtered
Glow plug coil duty cycle
Engine load
Net engine torque
Throttle position mode
Battery voltage
Currently misfiring
Total number of misfires
Cumulative number of misfires - cylinder 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
Field octane adjustment request (spark retard)
Spark advance
Engine rpm
Vehicle speed sensor
Output shaft speed
Calculated slip across torque converter
Turbine shaft speed
Engine coolant temperature
Engine oil temperature, filtered
Intake air temperature
Manifold air temperature
Command gear for transmission
Gear ratio
Transmission gear ratio
Transmission fluid temperature, no FMEM Net engine torque

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