How to Repair and Update Tacho Pro U2008 Jan Version

Tacho Universal 2008.01 Update & Repair kit is for Tacho Pro 2008 odometer correction tool January version, sometimes customer press “update” button and make it locked, use this tool kit can unlock/repair/update it.

(Note: The repair chip can be used to repair and update both Tach0 pro U2008 Jan version and Tacho pro 2008 July version)

1 Repair kit Package contains:

2 How to Repair TACHO Pro Universal mileage programmer

2.1 Troubleshooting
2.2 Solution
2.2.1 Replace IC111 and IC112 as shown in the figure.
Replace IC111 and IC112 1
Replace IC111 and IC112  2
2.2.2 Replace AT24C02 as shown in the figure.
Replace AT24C02 1
Replace AT24C02 2
2.2.3 Replace 74HC541
Replace 74HC541 1
Replace 74HC541 2

3 Update TACHO Pro Universal Hand-Held Device

3.1 Remove the 8 screws, open the up cover, unplug the keyboard cable connector, and then remove the up cover as shown in the figure.
3.2 Remove the CPU BOARD as shown in the figure
3.3 Remove IC111 and IC112 as shown in the figure.
Remove IC111 and IC112
3.4 Remove AT24C02 as shown in the figure.
Remove AT24C02
3.5 Remove PIC12F629 as shown in the figure.
Remove PIC12F629
3.6 Install IC111 and IC112. Make sure the install direction is correct. See the figure.
Install IC111 and IC112
Install IC111 and IC112 2
3.7 Install AT24C02. Make sure the install direction is correct.
See the figure.
 Install AT24C02  1
 Install AT24C02 2
3.8 On your board, if there are not components in position 1 and 2, please remove component in position3. and then fix PIC12F629 onto the position on 1. fix OSC on the proper position in 2.
fix PIC12F629
3.9 Install CPU BOARD. Make sure install it in correct direction. See the figure.
3.13 Install the up cover and then the 8 screws.
See the figure.

4 How to Update tach pro:

Step 1. Remove the CPU BOARD from TACHO PRO 2008 i.e. the principal machine. See picture 1.
Step 2. Find the location of IC111& IC112 and replace the previous IC on CPU BOARD with the IC111&IC112 of Update Kit. Make sure the IC is properly located with correct direction. See picture 2
replace the previous IC
Step 3. Find AT24C02 on CPU BOARD. Remove the previous IC by using electric iron and then place AT24C02 on the corresponding location to guarantee the direction of IC. See picture below
Find AT24C02
                    Picture 3A                                                          Picture 3B
Note: pay attention to CPU BOARD in left picture 3A. First of all, the IC socket should be taken out from AT24C02 and then weld AT20C02 to the specified position in picture 3B.

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