Program Opel Zafira B 1.7L ECM with Opcom PCMFlash

Opel Zafira B 1.7L year 2008 ECM replacement and programming guide is provided below.

Today I will describe the process of replacement / programming used the engine control unit (ECM) from the diesel Opel Zafira B A17DTJ 1.7L MT 2008Y. The owner have removed the unit from the car, disassembled, found many oxides, a few soldered field effect transistors, burnt tracks, etc., i.e. the unit had already been opened - repaired, and possibly poor sealing influenced the subsequent demise of the unit. You can certainly dig to warm up, etc., I rarely take even in diagnostics, only replacement, only hardcore, but to work stably. 

The old ecu, a view from the outside, he lives near the front left wheel under the protection of the arch:

Check the ecu on both sides

The identity of the old ecu with opcom interface:

Identifier: 0x1225
VIN: W0L0AHM759G ******
Hardware number: 17172225
Motor type: A17DTJ
Part Number: 98113173
Software version number: NCLZQ51JAU14
Programming Date: 20100330
Hardware key number: S001000988
System description: DENSO0100
Type approval number: D07008
Alpha code: MF
Software Freeze Date: 05.02.2010
Software version: NCLZQ51J
ECU variant coding: 0xE5104C5A
ECU variant coding: 0xE5100E02 Injector

and home run codes 353134. km:

Although the car shows 288 thousand km:

It says that almost everyone shakes, but they try to make it clean, so if I had to drive this car before I bought it, then this moment would be checked first ...
Now we connect Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 ecu flash cable , we start PCMFlash with an open Denso module . We read Flash as well as Eeprom1, Eeprom2, Eeprom3, all the same 93c86. :

With the old ecm finished.
Let's move on to the new used ECM unit :

In my opinion, this engine control unit has also been opened, the sealant is not factory-made ... well, whatever it brought.We  plug the unit, look at the identification data:
ECU inited!
Read Info ...
Identifier: 0x1215
VIN: W0L0AHL35B2 ******
Hardware number: 17172225
Motor type: A17DTJ
Part Number: 55590157
Software version number: NCLAQ60JAU16
Programming Date: 20120629
Hardware key number: O100057651
System description: DENSO0100
Type approval number: D08002
Alpha code: WH
Software Freeze Date: 13.01.2012
Hardware manufacturer system name: DECe01
Software version: NCLAQ60J
ECU variant coding: 0xF5044C41
ECU variant coding: 0xF5040000 See

We see P1614 and P1616 for IMMO , as well as P042A and P0435 for EGT . It is clear, then the old unit was stitched, well, I flushed it off from it, so it's not a problem.
The injector codes from the new used motor vehicle and its run are 193 thousand km:

We connect Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 again , start PCMFlash with the Denso module open . We read Flash as well as Eeprom1, Eeprom2, Eeprom3, all the same 93c86. , but with a new block:

Now we write to the new ecm all three Eeproms from the old one:

After this record, errors on Immo are gone, but remained on EGT:

As I wrote above, you need to pour the flush. We overflow:

Thus, this procedure simplifies the process of programming the used diesel engine control unit.
I went through all the units, everywhere it's clean, except - SDM , there's B0083 in them - an error on the electronical front impact sensor:

In the task set, this issue was not included, local electricians think that it will be sorted out, either wiring / connectors, or the sensor itself. 

Front of car immobilizer:

Side view:

For diagnosis, the Op-Com clone diagnostic scan tool is used :

For the firmware flash, i use Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 :

And also the correct flasher PCMFlash program :

Note: The tutorial is translated from Russian. Just for education purpose. You are at your risk. Credit to Russian engineer P1on3R91.


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