Original and Clone New Genius K-touch Comparison

Here is the comparison between Original and Clone New Genius K-touch Point OBDII/BOOT ecu chip tuning tool.

First, it’s the genuine New Genius Master 1.5

Second, here goes to New Genius china clone, called Ktouch also
The New Genius clone unit
New Genius clone
ABS plastic enclosure with ergonomic grip system safe.
LCD display 320 x 240 pixels, CCFL back light with Touch Panel.
Flash memory chip 512K bytes protected.
16 MB RAM memory.
SD card of 1 GB expandable.
LED status SD.
Internal clock with memory.
Lithium 3 volts.
Rechargeable battery 600 mAh 8.4V.
Supply voltage from 12V to 30V.
Communication via K line, L line, CAN-bus 2.0 and J1850.
Clone New Genius PCB:
Clone New Genius PCB
K-touch Basic info
K-touch Basic info
New genius languages: English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Hungarian
New genius languages
New Genius Protocols: supports CAN-BUS, KWP and J1850, etc. protocols
New Genius Protocols
New Genius vehicles: supports Cars, Bikes, LCV 
New Genius vehicles 1
New Genius vehicles 2
China New Genius package:
China New Genius package 1
China New Genius package 2
China New Genius K-touch v5.005 for sale!
The copy of Dimsport New GENIUS, the coat-effective Touch&Map tool for serial reading and programming operations of Engine Control Units (ECUs), has been improved in its technical features & performances: a new, more advanced colourful touch-screen panel has been integrated and a more powerful microprocessor allows faster operations.
New GENIUS allows intuitive use thanks to its touch-screen panel and a really user-friendly operative system: reading and programming operations are performed without any connections to a PC to offer the greatest independence and avoid slowness or blocking tied to an eventual presence of viruses or, in general, effect of the multitasking nature of the computer.
New GENIUS represents the perfect tool for Top Professionals as well as Kess v2: a direct interface with the vehicle engine via E-OBDII or diagnostic socket.
CAN-BUS, K/L-line (KWP), J1850 communication protocols are supported to cover all ranges of CARS, LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES and TRUCKS.
A removable SD CARD (SECURE DIGITAL), upgradeable up to 4 Gbyte, permits the storage of an almost unlimited number of original/tuned files.
New GENIUS is a true asset for every tuner thanks to the impossibility to perform wrong operations: detailed instructions appear on the screen and drive the tuner until the car is programmed. Thanks to its new and advanced technology, it has never been so simple to achieve the modified result which every tuner and every customer wish to obtain

NEW GENIUS K-touch therefore is…
easy to use thanks to its touch screen panel and to a user-friendly interface
safe, being a stand alone device working without connection to a personal computer or laptop during the reading and programming operations
extremely stable during the delicate procedures of reading and programming

NEW GENIUS tuning tool
With CAR/LCV/BIKE Software installed
USB cable for PC/laptop connections (C32GNUSB01)
New OBDII standard connector (F32GN024)
Universal wiring (pin-to-pin connection to OBDII/diagnostic socket)
Power feeding kit with international plugs (C32GNALIM12)
1 SECURE DIGITAL memory card

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