Xtuner E3 Scanner Reset VOLVO S40 2008 Airbag SRS Light

This is the first customer review of the new Xtuner E3 OBD2 EOBD full diagnostic tool. Big thanks to Alfonso for his kindness.

Price to get xtuner e3 scanner:

Reason to buy this scanner:
1- he wanna reset the SRS light for his VOLVO S40 2008
2- he’s from Spain. And Spanish is available in this software while lots of diagnostics cannot support Spanish.

Note: Xtuner E3 is a good choice for the international users. It covers Italian, Chinese, English, Japanese, German, Russian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish,Turkish, Dutch, Hungarian, Korean, Czech, Arabic, Indonesian, Persian, Thai, Vietnamese, Finnish, Swedish, Romanian, Bosnian, etc.

Airbag SRS revision urgente on S40 dash
Airbag SRS revision  s40

What he did for SRS light with the the Xtuner E3 scan tool:
Alfonso run the diagnostic software on a Dell laptop.
Connected the mini adapter on the driver side under the dash
Selected the model:  VOLVO-> S40 (04-)-> 2008
then went to control unit menu
and selected Retención adicional del sistema de modelo (SRS)
select Airbag SRS
Then the DTCs displayed:
SRS-005 Surninistro de energla de la baterla tension demasiado baja
SRS-E001 Comunicacion modulo de control. Comunicacion defectuosa
SRS-0013 Bolsa de aire de conductor, etapa 1 Resistencia demasiado alta
SRS-0019 Bolsa de aire de conductor, etapa 2 Resistencia demasiado alta
(error message in English:
SRS-005 Battery power reserve too low
SRS-E001 Communication control module. Defective communication
SRS-0013 Driver airbag, stage 1 Resistance too high
SRS-0019 Driver air bag, stage 2 Resistance too high)
stage 2 Resistance too high
He cleared the four faults
then No hay coding error presente! (No error code is present!)
No error code is present

turned off the ignition and turned on again to check
The Airbag SRS issue was fixed.
Airbag SRS issue was fixed


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