How to install Xtuner T1 truck diagnostic software on Win XP-Win10

It’s a manual of WIFI/Bluetooth XtunerT1 truck diagnostic tool installation on Windows XP-Windows 10.

1. Running environment

l  Hardware environment:
Windows laptop, PC or PAD
CPU speed: more than 1.0G Hz
Memory: more than 1GB
Disk: more than 32 GB
Communication port: Wi-Fi or USB
l  Software environment:
Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10


2. Software installation

1- Client download

go the website: http://www.tdintel.com  
go into the Support page to download XTUNER-T1 Setup Vx.xx

2- Client setup

Unzip XTUNER-T1 Setup Vx.xx and run XTUNER-T1 setup.exe:
 XTUNER-T1 setup.exe

Please click Next.

Please click Install.
Select Install the CP210x USB to UART Bridge Driver to install the USB driver.
Install the CP210x USB
Install the CP210x USB

XTUNERT1 truck diagnostic service system is installs successfully.

Then you can run it for truck obdii basic diagnosis (inl. DTC, DTC freeze Info, Live data), Actuation test and Special function (incl. DPF Reset, Nozzle Or Injector, Fuel Pump, Exhaust Pressure Adjustment, EGR, ECM, Vehicle Speed CONTROL, Cylinder, VIN, Write Engine Serial Number, Turbo Control).
XTUNER T1 software

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